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Summary Minutes of the Meeting of 5th September 2023

Meeting Venue

The Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue

Topics discussed

Wycombe and Grecia/Coope Victoria Partnership

  • 2 representatives from Coope Victoria will be able to attend the International Fair Trade Towns Conference 21st – 23rd September and then meet with a roaster and wholesaler in the UK on Sept 26th
  • Will be a Zoom meeting on 8th Sept to discuss arrangements for this
  • CLAC will be using our work as a template for future partnerships

Treasurers report

Pann Mill event on 10/09/23

Will be selling Fairtrade goods and remaining few bags of the partnership coffee

Fairtrade Town renewal

Most of the on-line renewal has now been completed

Ideas and Initiatives

  • Try to attend meetings of local environmental groups
  • Recruitment drive
  • Liaison with Bucks New Uni and Highcrest
  • Try to further our contact with other schools – assemblies/arrange talk
  • Town signage – raise issue with Mayor

Next meeting:

Tuesday 17th October at The Avenue Church 8pm

Summary Minutes of the Meeting of 27th June 2023


The Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue

Topics discussed

  • Social Media
  • Updating our website and Facebook page
  • Need to rationalise our group e-mails
  • Pann Mill Open Day 14/05/23 – Weather was good and we sold 19 bags of Partnership Celebration coffee. Also held Costa Rican quiz and there was a straw tombola for children
  • Campaigns Catch Up Zoom event 13/06/23
  • An update on the Fairtrade Communities scheme. A more straightforward on-line renewal process
  • International Fair Trade Towns Conference – Switzerland 21st – 23rd Sept
  • MK will be presenting a workshop at this event re: our partnership with Grecia/Coope Victoria. Discussion on enabling representative from Coope Victoria to attend
  • Presentation by JM – Re: his work in establishing ethical supply chains
  • Wycombe and Grecia/Coope Victoria Partnership
  • Meeting at Costa Rican Embassy on 19/05/23 and Teams meeting on 08/06/23 re: promotion of coffee sales in the UK

Other Matters

  • Recruitment drive needed for our group
  • Maintaining links with Bucks New Uni and Wycombe Friends of the Earth
  • Need to pursue possibilities of having a stall in the Eden Centre, Fairtrade signage for the town and Fairtrade themed flower bed near the Town Hall

Next meeting

Tuesday 5th Sept 8pm at the Avenue Church

Summary Minutes of the Meeting of 10th January 2023


The Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue

Topics discussed

Wycombe Friends of the Earth

Group Admin

The next international Fair Trade Towns conference is in Glarus Nord in Switzerland 19th – 21st September 2023

Treasurer’s Report

    Renewal of our Public Liability insurance now due. We apply for it but it is paid by the Fairtrade Foundation

    Awaiting criteria for our renewal of Fairtrade Town status – due August 2023

    Mayor’s Carol Concert 11/12/22

    Large number of people attended. More drinks served before the service than after.

    Good community event, linking us with events of Mayor, town and All Saints

    Wycombe and Grecia/Coope Victoria Partnership

    Sample roasts done of the 2kg of coffee beans sent from Costa Rica. Very good results

    Aim to produce 75 bags of whole beans and 125 bags of ground coffee once the main consignment of beans has arrived

    Liaising with Highcrest to arrange events for Fairtrade Fortnight, hope fully to involve the launch of the Partnership coffee and a visit from the Costa Rican ambassador.

    Social media

    Adjustments required to website hosting

    Response required to message on Comments page

    Other matters

    Liaison with universities re: Journal of Fair Trade and other journals
    has taken place

    Events at Christ the Servant King church for Fairtrade Fortnight –
    services and stall on 26th Feb and a possible Fair Trade quiz on 22nd
    Feb or 1st March

    Next meeting

    To be arranged

    Summary Minutes of the Meeting of 1st November 2022


    The Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue

    Those Present

    Lesley Hatton
    Sarah Moroz
    Mike King
    Steve Morton
    Sheena King
    Jhon Munoz
    Angus Massie
    Tony Thornby

    Topics Discussed

    Treasurer’s report

    Pann Mill Open Day 11/09/22:
    Sales were not high (approx £30 worth of Traidcraft goods sold) but there was a steady number of people visiting and opportunities to talk to several. It helped to maintain our profile.

    Meeting with Costa Rican ambassador 13/10/22

    This was a very good meeting. MK showed the power point presentation of MK/SK’s visit to Costa Rica.

    Ambassador Ortiz offered to come to events etc and also suggested inviting Costa Rican dancers who were at the Kew Gardens orchid festival. MK liaising with Highcrest Academy to arrange events

    The Embassy will also be willing to help with the coffee promotion.
    International Fair Trade Towns Conference 21/10 – 23/10/22

    The talks in the main hall were recorded but not the plenary ones. MK/SK did a short video presentation which was shown during Maria Angela’s talk. We were also mentioned in the final summary session.

    Next year’s IFTTC is in Switzerland
    Partnership celebration coffee

    2 kilos of beans have been sent from Coope Victoria and MK took them to a micro-roaster in Gerrards Cross who passed one kilo on to a second micro-roaster. They will both do sample roasts.

    Discussion re: places to sell the celebration coffee eg. Eden Centre stall, churches, Highcrest etc. Could advertise on Wycombe Sound

    Would be good to have a leaflet to be given to people who buy the coffee.

    Social media

    still not many visitors to our website from the UK (70 UK visitors in last 3 months). The most-visited pages are still the St Vincent page, plus the blog of the MK/SK visit to Grecia.

    However there have been nearly 1000 visitors from outside the UK from 39 countries in last 3 months, including 315 from USA and 215 from Germany (but only 7 from Costa Rica). This may be due to all the networking done by MK – interviews with people around the world. TT has been thinking of doing some on-line advertising and trying to get some more local views.

    Any Other Business

    Journal of Fair Trade

    Re: follow up article – MK aims to get 12 interviewees for the article. JM will also contribute.

    Bucks Climate Action Group

    The BCAG were appealing for funding for their website. WFF will give a £10 donation
    Fairtrade Fortnight

    Fairtrade Fortnight 2023

    TT would like to put some info on our social media re: FT Fortnight

    It would be good to have a stall in the Eden Centre for FT Fortnight. This may be free of charge as the FT Foundation are a charity

    Coope Victoria diversification

    The Research and Development person at Coope Victoria has been advising on diversification for FT farmers. Coope Victoria are thinking of producing hemp. This will need capital input

    Next meeting

    10th January 2023 at The Avenue Church at 8pm

    Summary Minutes of the Meeting of 12th July 2022


    The Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue

    Those present

    Lesley Hatton
    Sarah Moroz
    Mike King
    Steve Morton
    Sheena King
    Tony Thornby
    Angus Massie


    Ed McKeon
    Tim Nolan
    Jhon Munoz

    Topics discussed

    • Treasurer’s report
    • Wycombe FOE/Environmental Issues
      • New environmental show on Wycombe Sound on Wednesdays 1-4pm
      • New Scrap Store (‘Refresh’) every Saturday 10.30 -12.30 in Chiltern Shopping Centre – craft items available
      • Repair Cafe at All Saints church 2nd Saturday of the month 10am – 1pm
    • Costa Rican Partnership
      • Meeting with Wycombe’s new Mayor and Deputy on 14/06/22
      • Upcoming Zoom meeting with Costa Rican counterparts on 03/08/22
      • Potential small batch of coffee branded with partnership details to be sourced from Coope Victoria
    • Church issues
      • St Andrews gained FT status in Set ’21
      • All Saints and Downley Methodist are in the process of gaining it
    • Future plans
      • Have been asked to provide refreshments at Mayor’s Carol concert on 11/12/22
      • Possible stall at Pann Mill on 11/09/22
      • Suggested joint FT day with Grecia/Coope Victoria with video links and activities

    Next meeting

    Tuesday 1st November – Avenue Methodist Church at 8pm

    Summary Minutes of the Meeting of 8th June 2022


    The Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue

    Those present

    Lesley Hatton
    Ed McKeon
    Mike King
    Sarah Moroz
    Sheena King
    Tim Nolan
    Angus Massie
    Tony Thornby


    Andrea Baughan
    Steve Morton
    Jhon Munoz

    Topics discussed

    • Treasurer’s report
    • Schools link
      • 4 joint teaching sessions held
      • MK/SK visited the school in Grecia on their recent trip and were very impressed
    • Other matters
      • MK has finished interviews for 2nd article in Journal of Fair Trade
      • Renewal date for Fairtrade Town status is now 01/08/23
      • Meeting with new Mayor and Deputy Mayor has been arranged
      • Discussion re: if we should change to using single word ‘Fairtrade’ in our group’s name
    • Coope Victoria coffee
      • Discussion re: possibility of marketing a coffee from Coope Victoria to advertise the link between Wycombe and Grecia and involving students at Highcrest in designing the packaging
    • Social media issues
      • We need to produce more content to engage the people in Wycombe
      • Other ways to reach people e.g. Wycombe Sound, local magazines
    • Costa Rica trip
      • MK/SK had a brilliant time in Costa Rica and were made extremely welcome
      • Visits included the Colegio school linked with Highcrest, a coffee and sugar cane farm, Coope Victoria, a water company, a farmers market, an alcohol production plant, planting trees with local school children and meeting the Mayor and Deputy Mayor

    Next meeting

    Tuesday 12th July at The Avenue Church – at 8pm

    Summary Minutes of the Meeting of 29th March 2022

    Summary of meeting: 29th March 2022
    The Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue

    Those Present

    Lesley Hatton
    Angus Massie
    Mike King
    Sarah Moroz
    Sheena King
    Tony Thornby


    Ed McKeon
    Ivan Cicin-Sain

    Topics discussed

    • Treasurer’s report
    • Social Media issues – the possibility of setting up a LinkedIn account
    • The article/follow-up article in the Journal of Fairtrade
    • Highcrest link – pen-pal e-mail links have been initiated
    • Costa Rica trip. Donations for this, gifts to be taken to Grecia
    • Fairtrade Churches Day 05/03/22. Feedback on this event. The talks were very good and donations of Fairtrade goods were received from local supermarkets.
    • Public Liability Insurance in place until November 2022
    • Traidcraft Big Brew event 23/02/22. Feedback on this event. Nearly £300 was raised for Traidcraft. A Fairtrade/Climate Change quiz was held

    Next meeting

    Wednesday 8th June at The Avenue Church 8pm

    Minutes of the Meeting of 22nd January 2022

    Those present

    Lesley Hatton
    Sarah Moroz
    Mike King
    Jhon Munoz
    Sheena King
    Tony Thornby


    Angus Massie,
    Ivan Cicin-Sain


    MK – Ed McKeon was not available for this meeting; Charley Hickey
    may join later

    MK – re: minutes of last meeting – no changes

    MK – updates since then – there have been some brilliant things

    Treasurer’s report

    SK – good news – on 13th Dec Christ the Servant King church let us
    know that they have given us a donation of £500. This is very welcome and encouraging and not expected. Heather said that she suggested it as SK/MK are members of CSK and she was aware that we keep them updated with our activities and that we have not been able to hold any stalls etc recently due to the pandemic.

    SK sent e-mail of thanks but will also send a more formal card of

    We also received £50.87 from the Mayor’s carol concert donations
    and this was made up to £61 with a few extra amounts.

    Our account now stands at £762.75.

    Membership subs are now due again: £15 waged, £10 concessions,
    £5 students. Bank transfers are ok for payment of subs.

    SK – suggests we can now pay for venue hire out of the Wycombe for
    Fairtrade account

    SK – is planning to hold a Traidcraft Big Brew event on Wednesday
    23rd Feb 10am – 11.30am at CSK. In the past CSK said that takings
    from the cafe could be given to Traidcraft Exchange. This time SK will
    not ask for this due to the generous donation already given by CSK.
    Suggests 10% of our account ie. £76 could be donated to Traidcraft
    Exchange instead.

    Mayor’s Carol Concert (12th Dec 2021)

    SM – this seemed to go well and it was good to have the link up with
    Lesley Clarke and Andrea Baughan. Matt and Maz were also there. A
    few Covid-related arrangements were required but all went ok.

    Wycombe Friends of the Earth/Population Matters/Wycombe

    Update from Ivan (received after meeting): Wycombe Environment
    group is promoting bee flowers and Wycombe FOE are looking into
    insulation in low income homes.

    IT issues

    TT – re: e-mails – may need more e-mails as it is awkward for one
    person to be using the group one on any particular project which
    they are leading. Could have individual ones set up eg. etc. Could also be a group one as well.

    MK – ok to keep using own private e-mails for inter-group contacts as
    well. Can use the group one as a repository of documents if that is
    useful. We did have a rota for the info@ address. We could go back
    to this.

    LH – as a church they get more contact from their Facebook page
    than their website

    SK – queried how to put things onto our Facebook page

    LH – could do this via TT as he is one of the page admin people for
    the page

    TT – he could also add SK via the admin page

    LH – Facebook is good for advertising events to local people (perhaps
    for our generation, not so much for younger people)

    JM – thinks the partnership with Grecia needs to be highlighted more
    on our website. Currently it is to be found under ‘News’. Maybe if an
    icon could be added so that this leads directly to anything about the

    SK – the partnership is now very active and important for our group

    JM – would be good to have a separate meeting with TT/MK about

    LH – there are links on the WFF home page but maybe the Grecia one
    could be highlighted more

    TT – some things on the website could be removed/updated. Need to
    have more recent content from the group to put on the website

    Other issues

    MK – the Mayor’s carol concert was the first time the revised banner
    was used and drew some favourable comments

    MK – our Public Liability insurance has been confirmed by the FT
    Foundation up to Nov 22

    Schools link

    MK – had a meeting in late Oct/early Nov with several teachers at
    Highcrest and MK and SM had a more recent meeting (on 10/01/22)
    with Colette Barker and several teachers. Year 8 are doing a project
    on FT. CB has arranged for us to deliver assemblies in FT Fortnight.
    They are also having Traidcraft stalls. MK has also been invited back
    to give a talk to A-level students. CB has arranged for half the school
    to visit Cadbury’s World. Highcrest have been very enthusiastic on
    this project. Maria at Coope Victoria is delighted by this. When
    MK/SK visit Costa Rica in May they will also be meeting with teachers
    at the Liceo. A presentation that MK was going to give to the Liceo
    before Christmas has been postponed due to his health issues –
    hopefully this may happen in March.

    JM – suggested it would be good to do a video meet-up with the
    Mayor of Grecia, the Manager of Coope Victoria, Maria and others as
    was done from the Mayor’s parlour in Wycombe previously.
    MK – Highcrest want to put FT into the curriculum at the lower levels
    and want to make Spanish the compulsory foreign language for all
    the students

    Fairtrade Fortnight

    MK – will be delivering six 15-minute sessions for assemblies at
    Highcrest plus there will be Traidcraft stalls at the school. MK sent
    our FT directory to CB and she will send this out to every parent in
    the school. MK will also be interviewed for a video to be put on the
    school’s website and this will be available to parents.

    MK – there will be a Big Brew at Christ the Servant King. Also a
    churches event is being planned at The Avenue church on March 5th.
    Darren is willing to be there.

    SM – will try to see if there is anyone available from the FT Foundation to come on March 5th to explain the registration/reregistration process for churches.

    LH – if not, she would be willing to say something about this. There
    would also be a FT stall. Perhaps have a few short talks/videos etc.
    10am – 1pm but people wouldn’t have to stay to whole morning. LH
    has got ways to contact other churches to put out publicity. Could
    put out some initial publicity this week. SK/SM and maybe Maggie to
    help with this.

    Link with Co-op

    MK – this link was established originally by a Costa Rican lady who
    works in the Community Shared Values Dept at the Co-op in
    Bracknell. She went on holiday to Costa Rica and did the tour of
    Coope Victoria and heard about the link with High Wycombe. She
    also learnt about the article for the Journal of Fair Trade which has
    now been accepted for publication. This led to a meeting between
    MK/JM and various people at the Co-op. We have been invited to 4
    Co-op events for FT. They were so impressed that they called our link
    ‘fabulous’ and have asked for another meeting. This is an amazing
    opportunity. They have the same shared values as us. Darren said
    that they are always on the look-out for new coffee varieties. The Coop
    want to see a ripple effect going out to all the FT towns/cities and
    they are willing to help.

    Journal of Fair Trade

    MK – is also doing some work with Tony B on a follow-up article and
    has got interest from a lot of universities around the world. The
    social justice and healthcare aspects which come from the premium
    payments are very important. A town in South Africa is also looking
    to link up with a UK FT Town

    MK – is interviewing someone from CLAC tomorrow for the article.

    TT – it would be good to put all these developments on our social
    media. Would also be good to put the South African group in touch
    with a different FT group in the UK

    MK – was thinking of suggesting the Oxford group for this.

    Next meeting

    Tuesday 15th March – at The Avenue Church 8pm
    Revised date: Tuesday 22nd March –

    Minutes of the Meeting of 23rd November 2021


    The Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue


    Lesley Hatton
    Sheena King
    Mike King
    Sarah Moroz


    Ivan Cicin-Sain
    Andrea Baughan
    Ed McKeon
    Jhon Munoz
    Angus Massie


    MK – no corrections/additions required to minutes of last meeting (19/10/21)

    International Fair Trade Towns Conference

    MK – all the sessions were recorded (including the feedback sessions). It was very well organised.

    High Wycombe/Grecia/Coope Victoria link

    MK – showed the revised banner. The website addresses are now included at the bottom of the banner and the flags of the 2 countries are not cut off at the sides.

    Council flower bed

    MK – Andrea raised this issue with Lesley Clarke who then contacted 2 people at Bucks Council but the next opportunity for having a FT- themed flower bed won’t be until 2023 as the Queen’s Platinum jubilee is happening in 2022.

    Mayor’s carol concert

    MK – SM/MK are meeting Lesley Clarke on 02/12/21 at the Front Room cafe to discuss catering arrangements for the carol concert (SK/LH/Maggie and Claudia are also able to help).

    MK is also planning to ask LC re: procurement policies of Bucks Council (re: sustainability etc)

    Wycombe Friends of the Earth/Population Matters etc

    MK – Ivan reported that Population Matters, High Wycombe, are having their AGM on 28/11/21 at 3pm.

    The Wycombe Environment group (part of the High Wycombe Community Board) currently run a ‘Repair Cafe’ on the 2nd Saturday of the month at All Saints parish church.

    The Wycombe Environment Centre is now being run by Frances Alexander’s daughter. They are moving premises at the moment.

    SM – will try to get in touch with Fay Ewing at Wycombe Environment group. (LC is Deputy Chair of the High Wycombe Community board).

    MK – we should also be promoting local food producers.

    MK – went to the last Bucks Climate Action Alliance meeting and some members of Wycombe FOE went to Glasgow for COP26. MK/SK attended the Wycombe FOE day of action – during which some members of the public were interviewed

    Fairtrade Foundation webinar on 17/11/21

    MK – joined this webinar – it was about the re-definition of the goals required to gain FT Town status. The webinar is being repeated on Thursday this week (25th Nov) and SM has signed up for this.

    Schools link

    MK – Colette has made contact with Laura in Grecia. A preliminary session was held with 6th – formers and then a first joint lesson.

    Other meetings etc

    MK – went to a meeting of the Environmental, Sustainability and FT committee at Bucks New Uni on 8th Nov.

    MK – has also been in touch with Darren at Kingdom Coffee. Masteroast had their 40th anniversary and invited the High Commissioner of Costa Rica. Darren is going to suggest some dates in January to meet up – it would be good if JM could be there as well.

    MK – Bruce Crowther was making the case for a northern FT mark.

    MK – has been in contact with a lady involved with FT ‘golden berries’ from South America re: interviews for his 2nd article for the Journal of Fair Trade Plans for FT Fortnight

    LH – is planning an event to take place for local churches on a Saturday morning on the theme of FT. Possibly 12th February (prior to FT Fortnight)

    SM – will contact the FT Foundation to see if they have anyone who could come and give a talk on what is involved in registering/re-registering.

    SK – maybe Darren would like to come as well.

    Next meeting

    January – date TBC at The Avenue Church or Zoom, as a back-up

    Minutes of the Meeting of 19th October 2021


    The Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue


    Ivan Cicin-Sain
    Jhon Munoz
    Mike King
    Tony Thornby
    Sheena King
    Lesley Hatton
    Angus Massie
    Steve Morton – Wycombe Friends of the Earth
    Andrea Baughan – Mayor of High Wycombe


    MK – re: minutes of our last meeting – there is one correction ie. the cafe at Hughenden should be called The Village Store Coffee Shop (a community cafe) in order to distinguish it from the cafe at Hughenden Manor.

    Bob’s Memorial Service

    It was commented that there was a very warm feel to this service. Bob’s godson, Wesley, revealed that Bob had received an award from the UN for his work on the distribution of smallpox vaccines for children in Nepal/Bangladesh.

    Contribution from Mayor Andrea

    AB – has been interested in Fairtrade for many years and has lived in High Wycombe for about 15 years – a fan of the Oxfam shop and Ruby Moon (who are very supportive of the mayoralty and charity events). The Mayor’s current charities are the Epilepsy Trust and Ducklings (Stoke Mandeville & Wycombe Hospitals’ children’s toys).

    AB is interested in organising a tea party event to raise awareness of FT. There is due to be a table-top sale in the Spindle & Thread pub on 27th November and there may be a spare table if we wanted to make enquiries (recommends to contact them via Facebook). It is £10 to book a table and this money goes to the Wycombe Homeless Connection. There may also be other possible future dates.

    There will also be the Mayor’s Carol Service in December in All Saints church and AB is happy for Wycombe FT to arrange the refreshments. AB and her deputy are both willing to attend events to lend their support.

    Wycombe Friends of the Earth

    St M – there is a Global Day of Action for COP26 on Nov 6th and Wycombe FOE are holding events in Wycombe town centre on this day. They will be asking people what they are doing to combat climate change and taking a video which will be sent to Glasgow. Other groups are also involved, including Solar Streets. There will be a market stall beneath the Guild Hall from 10.30am onwards.

    TT – asked if there will be any web presence that we could point people to?

    St M – yes, there will be.

    Population Matters

    I C-S – there will be a meeting of Population Matters in November which will be posted on Facebook – venue and date to be arranged. He is also involved with Wycombe Food Hub and Trevor Snaith will be giving a talk on food waste on 3rd Nov at 7.30pm at the Friends Meeting House. People need to notify them if they would like to go or it is possible to watch on Zoom.

    IT issues

    TT – 3 documents from MK have been uploaded to our website.

    MK – the logos that he used in the documents were obtained from free sites.

    TT – there has not been much traffic. It might be better to have news of upcoming events, rather than just reporting on past events.

    Treasurer’s report

    SK – there has been no change to our balance since last meeting (£201.75). Thanks to MK for paying the £10 fee to have our stall at the Pann Mill event at which £156 was raised for Traidcraft from the sale of goods.

    Pann Mill event

    MK – re: our stall at Pann Mill open day on 12th September – we made some good contacts at this event. Wycombe Sound were not there but there was a steady flow of people. We met Marion Lyons from St Andrews, Hatters Lane – they are trying to gain Eco Church status. We also met Fay Ewing who is on the Wycombe Community Board – she gave us her e-mail address and invited us to their next meeting.

    AB – Fay is very pro-active and helpful. The Community Board is where different groups can put in funding requests.

    SM – could send her an e-mail and perhaps attend a meeting

    Grecia/Coope Victoria Partnership

    MK – re: banner. Thanks to AM for revising the banner.
    The design was approved by everyone in the meeting.

    MK – JM sent an e-mail to congratulate Grecia on their 200th anniversary

    JM – will also send our congratulations to Coope Victoria for their 78th anniversary. They held a celebration for their workers.

    Schools link

    MK – originally sent letters out to Wycombe High/Royal Grammar/John Hampden/William Ramsey/Highcrest but only received a response from Highcrest so far. However Highcrest have been very enthusiastic and MK had a meeting with 6 teachers there (2 other teachers sent apologies) on Friday 8th October. They want to make Spanish compulsory across all age groups and would like to use the Costa Rican link as a lever to do this.

    MK – suggested that if a formal launch of the schools link is arranged, we could invite the High Commissioner of Costa Rica.

    AB – would also be willing to attend

    SK – Highcrest was the school that Bob went to

    MK – Highcrest has invited him in to give talks to students

    LH – this will also spread the information on FT to the parents. Highcrest has a good sixth form

    MK – the school is eager to start on this project soon

    JM – the linking of the schools was a target that was talked about with Maria at the Cardiff presentation.

    MK – Colette from Highcrest and Laura from the Bilingue school in Grecia will now get in touch with each other to take this forward. Colette has promised to keep us updated.

    LH – the best time for schools having a ‘time window’ is after the exams finish in the summer

    SK – Fairtrade Fortnight might also be a possible time for the schools to do something


    MK – there has not been much response yet to the letters he sent out re: churches registering/re-registering their FT status with the FT Foundation.

    LH – churches may be very busy at the moment

    AB – there is a new Pastor at the Elim Church (off Buckingham drive) – Robin Fenner
    St M – the vicar at All Saints is retiring soon

    LH – she did get in touch with various people re: re-registering and they will be doing this. The wife of the Methodist minister at Marlow is a Traidcraft rep and will be holding a stall at The Avenue church soon (31st October) and it may be possible to hold a Churches Together event at some point, similar to the event at Christ the Servant King in March 2020. In the early summer, at a Climate Sunday service at The Avenue, they had a speaker from A Rocha UK who spoke about environmental issues.

    MK – did hear back from Beryl at Sunnybank Methodist Church in Downley and they are hoping to re-register

    Other issues

    AB – will contact people in the council re: organising a flower bed in the town on the theme of FT

    COP26 is taking place October 30th – 13th November

    St M – Amersham Town Council are planning an event for the end of COP26
    The International FT Towns conference will be on-line from 18th – 20th November (organised by Swiss Fair Trade)

    MK – it is possible to sign up for sessions – they are free of charge

    Next meeting

    Tuesday 23rd November