Council Fairtrade Motion

This was the motion proposed to a full meeting of Wycombe District Council on 6th October 2008.

i) The following notice of motion is submitted by Councillor B R Pollock and seconded by Councillor Ms J D Wassell.


a) Wycombe District Council, as an important consumer and opinion leader, will research, develop, and support a strategy to facilitate the promotion and purchase of foods with the Fairtrade Mark as part of its commitment to the pursuit of sustainable development and to give marginalised producers a fair deal. In so doing, residents, business community suppliers, employees and other local authorities, should recognise High Wycombe as a town that actively supports and promotes Fairtrade and seeks to increase the sale of products with the Fairtrade Mark;

b) In addition, Wycombe District Council resolves to aim to achieve the status of a Fairtrade Town (as detailed in the Fairtrade Foundation’s Fairtrade Towns Initiative) as soon as possible;

c) As a sign of the Council’s commitment it will, initially, widely offer Fairtrade Marked food and drink options internally and make them available for internal meetings; and

d) A working group of Members and officers be established a soon as possible to advance this initiative.

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