Coope Victoria coffee co-operative – Costa Rica

Coope Victoria – Coffee co-operative, Costa Rica


To strengthen and diversify the agricultural, industrial and commercial areas as a means of benefitting the socio-economic development of the cooperative members.


This Cooperative is focused on the welfare of its associates, collaborators, the community and the environment, efficiently and responsibly developing agricultural, industrial, and commercial activities.

Quality Policy

Cooperativa Agrícola Industrial Victoria RL, seeks to produce and market efficient, innovative, and sustainable products and services of high quality, providing continuous improvement, based on cooperative and solidarity principles.

Our policy commits us to:

  • Offer our interested parties safe products and service satisfaction.
  • Promote the training and development of the health and safety of its collaborators, preventing occupational accidents and diseases.
  • Design and execute processes that are in harmony with the environment and society. For this, the cooperative complies with the legal requirements and the effectiveness of our integrated systems.


In Costa Rica, coffee has expanded development in this area of ​​the country thanks to the quality of its soils and climatic conditions, which is why it has become a country that produces some of the best coffees in the world.

On the slopes of one of our volcanoes, the Poas volcano, part of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range, coffee beans are grown from which our exquisite coffee is obtained.

The altitude of the land, soil fertility, the excellent production process, and the experience accumulated in more than six decades of existence, means that we can grow the highest quality coffees aimed at a discerning market.

CoopeVictoria RL has modern equipment and facilities to process the grain & obtain coffee with characteristic flavours. The company has two coffee brands, which enjoy prestige in the national and international market, these are: CoopeVictoria and Monte Camejo .

Coffee is prepared with grains selected from the manual harvest, cultivated in the coffee plantations of the mountains of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range of Costa Rica. The best quality tall organic arabica coffee of the type “Strictly Hard Bean” (Export Reserve) is grown. Beans are characterized by its physical hardness and closed fissure.

CoopeVictoria has strict quality controls, from the choice of the land, the planting, the nurturing of the plants with organic fertilizers, their selection, until the processing and roasting of the beans. Professional tasters test the flavour of the coffee before sale.
All this ensures that the coffee maintains its qualities of acidity, body, and a unique aroma, characteristic of the renowned Costa Rican coffee.

In each cup of Coopevictoria and Monte Camejo coffee you will enjoy the exquisite caramel flavour and an extraordinary aroma that make it a coffee of world preference. These coffees can be purchased on Amazon.

Sustainable production methods and organic fertilizer are utilized.

Cooperative Membership

Today the organization represents approximately 3,000 members, all of whom are small and medium scale producers of coffee and/or sugarcane from the Western zone of Costa Rica. The cooperative’s area includes Grecia; Poás; Valverde; Vega; San Ramón; Alajuel; San Carlos; Naranjo; and Atenas. The organization impacts nearly 15,000 indirect beneficiaries through various social and environmental sustainability projects. CoopeVictoria is considered to be a driver of economic and social development of the area, generating indirect jobs and lending upward mobility to the local economy.

In addition to enabling access to technical support and inputs, the cooperative runs a variety of other services for members and the surrounding community, including a service station, the Camposanto Garden of Peace Las Mercedes cemetary, and the CoopeVictoria Event Center. They also help provide medical services to members and produce sustainable bio fuels.


The company provides credit to its members to finance planting of coffee and sugar cane, to tend these crops, and to purchase inputs and good quality seeds.

Contact details:

Agricultural and Industrial Cooperative Victoria RL 

San Isidro de Grecia,
Costa Rica
PO Box 176-4100

Telephone: (506) 2105-9400

Fax: (506) 2444-6346