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Sir Steve Redgrave (Fair-Trade Ambassador)

Quote:  “I am happy to endorse High Wycombe becoming a Fairtrade Town.”

Steve’s feelings about Fairtrade are well illustrated in the article below from Fairtrade London Website (London became a Fairtrade City on 23rd October 2008).


Peros Limited (www.peros.co.uk) and the associated company of Nero & Bianco Limited

Established in 2000. We have been operating in High Wycombe for the majority of that time and supply businesses across the U.K. We employ more than 100 people, many of whom are local to High Wycombe and we have 40,000 sq ft of warehousing in High Wycombe, specialising in the supply of Fairtrade, Ethical and Sustainable products.  We work closely with the Fairtrade Foundation in the U.K and were a featured business recently within their newsletter.

We totally endorse the idea of High Wycombe becoming a Fairtrade town and as you rightly say we would be joining a host of towns that already endorse Fairtrade. Not only does it provide stability for some producers and farming families across the globe, commercially for local businesses it is a good choice; you only need to look at some big brand names such as Kraft and Starbucks to see they want to be a part of this success story.

In addition to supporting Fairtrade, we have also helped the  One Water Brand www.onediffernce.org  raise more than £7m towards African based water projects. From April this year we have started to raise £20,000 for the local charity ScannAppeal, supporting High Wycombe Hospitals. Some of this donation is through the sale of our Fairtrade Espresso Beans”

Peter Goodey
Joint Managing Director

The Student Union Bucks New University

Extract from the Student Union’s Fairtrade Policy

“This Union resolves:

  • To make our Union and University a Fairtrade Organisation through the endorsement of Fairtrade produce in Union facilities i.e. Fairtrade tea and coffee in the offices.
  • To provide opportunities for students to purchase Fairtrade goods in our shop, bars and cafés.
  • To work with the University Chaplaincy service to promote Fairtrade wherever possible
  • To take part in fairtrade fortnight each year to promote the campaign to students and staff
  • To maintain a Fairtrade Steering Group; a combined University and Students’ Union committee chaired by the Vice-President for Education and Welfare, which will meet once a term and monitor the application for the University Fairtrade status.”

Jack Badu
Bucks New University
Vice President of Education and Welfare
Chair of the Fairtrade Steering Group


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