December News from our Chairman – Mike King

1. Jen Willetts – eco-artist.

Sheena and I caught up with Jen Willets at the West Wycombe Christmas Market on Weds 4th December 2019. She has now given up her day job to concentrate on her eco-art, cards, crafts, and her own design Indian rain-fed Fairtrade cotton shopping bags. She has since expanded the Fairtrade element to include Fairtrade cotton make-up bags, complete with her own designs. The paper for the cards is sustainably sourced while the see-through wrapping is bio-degradable. She is very keen to still have her details and business listed on our 2020 – 2021 Wycombe Fairtrade Outlets Directory.

2. Fairtrade Churches & Faith Groups “Think Tank” – Sat 7th March 2020 at Christ The Servant King Church in Booker.

I am liaising with Heather Searle, a new lay minister at CSK. I have had confirmation of one definite speaker, Margaret Dykes from Traidcraft. Maranda St.John Nicolle  may be still on holiday in South Africa, but if not, she will attend the event representing Christian Concern for One World. As a back-up or further guest speaker, Fairtrade Foundation have promised to send their Fairtrade Faith Groups Coordinator along to the event. I am waiting for Fairtrade to confirm his or her name. Still sounds good though.

I will deliver the last presentation concerning “Fairtrade and the Impact of Climate Change”. Heather Searle will give a short service to start off the event which begins at 10am and goes on to midday. There will be time for discussion and ideas after each 10-15 minute presentation..At the moment our target audience will be the churches and faith groups in the Wycombe Town wards, but would extend the geographical area depending on interest and take up. I have yet to work out with Heather how we are going to promote this event and how we will register interested parties. The ideal number would be around 40 to 50 people from all these different faith groups in Wycombe. This of course will happen during the last weekend of Fairtrade Fortnight.

3. Presentation of Wycombe Fairtrade Foundation Town Renewal Certificate 

The presentation of Wycombe Fairtrade Foundation Town Renewal Certificate by the Costa Rican Ambassador to the UK is under discussion and ongoing. Jhon and I are going to London to meet Senor Ortiz, the Ambassador, at his request on Tuesday 17th December 2019 at the Costa Rican Embassy. My initial email to the Ambassador was speculative, but the reply was extremely encouraging. Jhon and I plan to discuss some wider measures and ideas that could be beneficial. Hopefully, we can agree on a date and time when Wycombe District Council or the Charter Town Committee are due to meet.

4. Mayor’s Christmas Carol Service.

I hope all those involved with doing Fairtrade teas, coffees, and mince pies at the Mayor’s Christmas Carol concert at the Parish Church on Sunday 15th December have a good time. Sarah Moroz will be bringing the “We are a Fairtrade Town” banner as well as a good supply of the latest 2019 Fairtrade information brochures.

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