UK Fairtrade Fortnight March 2023 – Wycombe For Fairtrade Activities and Events: 2

Christ The Servant King Church, Community Coffee Morning. Big Brew Quiz. Weds 1st Mar 2023. 10.30 am – 12.00 noon.

Mike King, the Chairman of Wycombe For Fairtrade was asked by the Open Door Community Café coordinator, to run a Big Brew Fairtrade quiz during the middle part of the morning.

There were about 25 people arranged in 6 teams. Mike King as the question master asked a total of 15 questions relating to Fairtrade tea, Fairtrade fashion and clothing, and Fairtrade generally.

The teams had the 15 questions printed on an A4 sheet with three or four possible options.

At the end of the quiz, Mike King then revealed the answers to these Fairtrade questions.

The team with the most correct answers won a Fairtrade selection of chocolate bars. The teams had a very positive and sometimes noisy engagement, but it was all done is a positive and relaxed atmosphere.

Mike King was asked back by the coordinator to do another Fairtrade Quiz around November time, before Christmas 2023.

Mike King
Chairman, Wycombe For Fairtrade

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