Wycombe For Fairtrade’s presence at the Mayor of High Wycombe’s Annual Festival of Carols held at All Saint’s Parish Church on Sunday 10th December 2023

Wycombe For Fairtrade Steering Group members have worked with the High Wycombe Mayoral Office over the past 8 years in providing Fairtrade teas, coffee, and drinking chocolate, and other refreshments at the annual Mayor’s Festival of Carols held at All Saint’s Parish Church on the second Sunday in December. Around 120 to 140 people attended this gala of carols.

It is a good opportunity to raise the profile of Fairtrade generally as well as Wycombe For Fairtrade in particular at this Festival of Carols, which raises money for two of the Mayor of High Wycombe’s charities. It is also a welcome chance to interact directly with the local community, as well as providing a “well-oiled and precision” service to the local population. Free refreshments are provided before and after the Festival of Carols service and the public are free to make a donation to Wycombe For Fairtrade if desired.

Mike King
Chairman, Wycombe For Fairtrade
10th January 2024

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