Meeting of 10th August 2016

Held at: Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:
Mike King Bob Smith
Sheena King Maggie Smith
Sarah Moroz Tony Thornby

Apologies: Jhon Munoz + Nic Carrouaille

TT – hasn’t heard anything re: Fairtrade whilst being at Marlow Chamber of Commerce.

MK – showed banner which has now been obtained (cost about £70)
Need to set up bank account soon + bank cheque obtained from SK’s church (Christ the Servant King)

MK – just after our last meeting, he had a meeting with Louise (marketing manager) from Peros. She said they are still totally committed to FT – 55% of the coffee roasted by Bewleys is FT. She asked to be put on our e-mail list re: meetings. She lives in this area 3 days a week. The Peros name will disappear at the end of this year and be replaced by Bewleys UK. MK presented them with the FT employer’s award and they still want to be involved.

SM – showed a FT sugar sachet which was from the garden centre cafe at Booker. The company who produced it is called Greencup (

MK – went to a meeting of Bucks New Uni FT group about 1 ½ weeks ago but no-one was there! Need to open up dialogue again here. The multi-faith chaplaincy person still takes FT drinks & snacks around both campuses.

SK – Argos are now selling Fairtrade gold.

SK – Nic said that High Wycombe Oxfam shop sells as much, or if not more, FT goods compared with the Chesham shop.

MS – at the end of May, Pam Thompson, wife of the Methodist minister in Marlow, had an open day selling Traidcraft goods and made over £100.

SM – re: FT art competition – disappointment about not getting an article in the Bucks Free but good links set up with schools and children seemed to benefit from it.

TT – will be less busy soon with the Marlow Chamber of Commerce as his chairmanship finishes mid-October.
MK – would be good to have a get-together with TT after this to update our website.

MK – there are 2 FT events coming up:
1. London (regional Fairtrade Foundation meeting) on Thursday 15th September. SK is hoping to go – anyone else is welcome to join her.
2. Pann Mill open day on Sunday 11th September 11am – 5pm. Stalls etc – Wycombe F of E will be there.

MK – need to increase membership.
TT – it helps just to meet people by doing events, rather than just advertising.
TT – an idea for a schools’ competition could be to design a T-shirt and the prize could be to have the T-shirts printed. Vistaprint is good for this – quick turn-around and quite cheap.
SK – would be good if FT cotton could be used. A lady in the Chesham FT group may have info/contacts for this.

MK – it would be good to do FT catering for the Mayor’s carol concert, as suggested by MKn at the last meeting – need to follow this up with MKn
TT – also has a contact at Wycombe District Council with the assistant to the chairman. This person organises events for the chairman eg. the civic ceremony.

BS – he can advertise the existence of FT gold being available at Argos to his church (Avenue Methodist church). He is also going to e-mail the man from the council re: a flowerbed display in the town, outside the old library.

SM – will e-mail MKn once he is back from holiday re: the carol concert catering and the possibility of holding a market stall.

Next meeting: Tuesday 6th September

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