Meeting of 14th February 2017


Minutes of meeting: 14th February 2017

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:

Mike King                        Jhon Munoz

Sheena King                    Bob Smith

Sarah Moroz

MK – has written a £50 cheque as a donation to Wycombe Sound. Has also printed out the final version of the leaflet listing retailers etc and it now has the Wycombe Sound, Bucks New Uni and Peros/Bewleys logos on the front. He will take it to Peros to get some decent copies done and they can then be put in the library, tourist information office, Oxfam, Avenue Methodist church, community noticeboards in supermarkets etc.

Each person then read out their ‘Fairtrade Facts’ for the Wycombe Sound slots and they were timed. The ten articles will be on: the Fairtrade Mark, tea, cocoa, coffee, nuts, wine, bananas, flowers, footballs and gold.

MK – re: prizes for the FT art competition. The company (Bala) cannot give free footballs but we can get 30% discount during FT Fortnight. This would mean that they would be about £8 each.

SM  – has had responses from 2 schools so far:- Oakridge and Beechview (via Emma Styles who was our contact at Hamilton last year and is now at Beechview). There will be 2 winners, one for Year 5 and one for Year 6.

JM – suggested that the footballs could be given to the schools as a whole.

SM – the individual winners would have their design printed on a T-shirt.

MK – plus some FT goodies from Peros/Bewleys

MK – re: the interview for Wycombe Sound on 22nd February with JM/MK – suggested sending some questions to Wycombe Sound in advance.

  1. How does FT fit in with free trade?

What are the benefits for consumers?

What are the benefits for producers?

Suggested we include the fact that 70% of the world’s food comes from small-scale producers. Buyers need to look to the longer term and look after their suppliers. Also need to talk about our group and ask for more members.

MK – Ruby Moon have agreed to be interviewed. Also Matt Knight.

SK – Wycombe Friends of the Earth are doing a film on March 29th and she is thinking of going. It is at the Quaker meeting house.

SK – has sent a piece to her church’s newsletter to give them an update on our use of their £250 donation.

Next meeting: Tuesday 28th March

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