Meeting of 27th April 2017


Minutes of meeting: 27th April 2017

Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue

Those present:

Claire Booth (Volunteering Officer for FT Foundation + International Chair of Maidenhead Bridge Rotary Club)

Mike King                          Jhon Munoz

Sarah Moroz                     Bob Smith

Apologies: Tony Thornby + Sheena King

MK – welcome to CB + discussed some of our past activities

SM – gave an update on the FT t-shirt art competition for schools

CB – there are about 100 staff in the FT Foundation office and about 20/30  volunteers who are mainly new graduates trying to get experience or people who are changing jobs/careers. Usually they volunteer for 1-3 days per week eg. in the media, finance, IT or commercial departments. CB looks after these volunteers and works on recruitment, induction etc

MK – asked about the National Conference which was mentioned on the FT Foundation website but has now been changed to a Regional Supporters Conferences

CB – will get an update for us if possible. There has just been a restructure at Head Office. Chrissy Demacki has temporarily taken on Rachael Sweet’s job (looking after towns) + Joe Harrison is looking after schools. Adam Gardner is Chrissy D’s manager

MK – has the FT goodies from Peros/Bewleys

JM- has a contact at Divine – may be able to get some donations of chocolate for prizes

SM – discussed venues for the art competition presentation ceremony. Has looked at a function room in the library and at the Guild Hall. Recommends the Guild Hall.

MK – re: our problem with public liability insurance and how it had prevented us having a stall at Pann Mill

CB – re: the Rotary club quiz on June 10th – half the proceeds will be going to the FT Growing Women in Coffee project and half towards the polio eradication campaign

JM – his contact from Sweden hasn’t got a date yet for his visit to the UK

MK – as part of our next set of objectives we can try to get FT catering at Wycombe Wanderers + the Swan Theatre

MK – discussed the problems we have had with getting road signs stating Wycombe is a Fairtrade town

BS – talked about how he has been trying to get the flower bed outside the Town Hall to be FT themed

MK – SK has been contacted by Ivan at Wycombe Friends of the Earth. They are showing a film on Tuesday 18th July at Arts4Everyone. Also there is the Hamilton Fair. We may be able to have a stall at either of these.

SM – asked the group to e-mail to SM re: numbers for the quiz night on June 10th and then SM will contact CB to let her know.

JM – re: date for art competition presentation – probably best to avoid half-term week (Sat 27th May and Saturday 3rd June). Also on June 17th it is ‘Downley Day’ and probably best to avoid this also.

SM – suggest that we aim for the presentation taking place on June 24th.

Next meeting: Tuesday 23rd May


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