Minutes of the Meeting of 23rd November 2021


The Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue


Lesley Hatton
Sheena King
Mike King
Sarah Moroz


Ivan Cicin-Sain
Andrea Baughan
Ed McKeon
Jhon Munoz
Angus Massie


MK – no corrections/additions required to minutes of last meeting (19/10/21)

International Fair Trade Towns Conference

MK – all the sessions were recorded (including the feedback sessions). It was very well organised.

High Wycombe/Grecia/Coope Victoria link

MK – showed the revised banner. The website addresses are now included at the bottom of the banner and the flags of the 2 countries are not cut off at the sides.

Council flower bed

MK – Andrea raised this issue with Lesley Clarke who then contacted 2 people at Bucks Council but the next opportunity for having a FT- themed flower bed won’t be until 2023 as the Queen’s Platinum jubilee is happening in 2022.

Mayor’s carol concert

MK – SM/MK are meeting Lesley Clarke on 02/12/21 at the Front Room cafe to discuss catering arrangements for the carol concert (SK/LH/Maggie and Claudia are also able to help).

MK is also planning to ask LC re: procurement policies of Bucks Council (re: sustainability etc)

Wycombe Friends of the Earth/Population Matters etc

MK – Ivan reported that Population Matters, High Wycombe, are having their AGM on 28/11/21 at 3pm.

The Wycombe Environment group (part of the High Wycombe Community Board) currently run a ‘Repair Cafe’ on the 2nd Saturday of the month at All Saints parish church.

The Wycombe Environment Centre is now being run by Frances Alexander’s daughter. They are moving premises at the moment.

SM – will try to get in touch with Fay Ewing at Wycombe Environment group. (LC is Deputy Chair of the High Wycombe Community board).

MK – we should also be promoting local food producers.

MK – went to the last Bucks Climate Action Alliance meeting and some members of Wycombe FOE went to Glasgow for COP26. MK/SK attended the Wycombe FOE day of action – during which some members of the public were interviewed

Fairtrade Foundation webinar on 17/11/21

MK – joined this webinar – it was about the re-definition of the goals required to gain FT Town status. The webinar is being repeated on Thursday this week (25th Nov) and SM has signed up for this.

Schools link

MK – Colette has made contact with Laura in Grecia. A preliminary session was held with 6th – formers and then a first joint lesson.

Other meetings etc

MK – went to a meeting of the Environmental, Sustainability and FT committee at Bucks New Uni on 8th Nov.

MK – has also been in touch with Darren at Kingdom Coffee. Masteroast had their 40th anniversary and invited the High Commissioner of Costa Rica. Darren is going to suggest some dates in January to meet up – it would be good if JM could be there as well.

MK – Bruce Crowther was making the case for a northern FT mark.

MK – has been in contact with a lady involved with FT ‘golden berries’ from South America re: interviews for his 2nd article for the Journal of Fair Trade Plans for FT Fortnight

LH – is planning an event to take place for local churches on a Saturday morning on the theme of FT. Possibly 12th February (prior to FT Fortnight)

SM – will contact the FT Foundation to see if they have anyone who could come and give a talk on what is involved in registering/re-registering.

SK – maybe Darren would like to come as well.

Next meeting

January – date TBC at The Avenue Church or Zoom, as a back-up

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