Minutes of 1st October 2019


Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:

  • Mike King
  • Jhon Munoz
  • Sheena King
  • Bob Smith
  • Angus Massie
  • Ivan Cicin-Sain – Wycombe Friends of the Earth
  • Sarah Moroz

Apologies from Tony Thornby


MK – thought that the meeting went well at the Mayor’s Parlour on 19th August. The mayor, Mazamal, was very positive.

I C-S – there will be an event on October 26th – a climate emergency stall in the Eden Centre, opposite the library, organised by Wycombe FOE. The stall will be there most of the day. The ‘Stand up to Climate Chaos’ event will also be taking place, on October 12th, at Trinity United Reformed Church and Wycombe for Fairtrade will be having a stall. SM and AM will not be able to go unfortunately.

I C-S – gave out some flyers

MK – had an e-mail from Janet Gladstone (the secretary for the Environmental, Sustainability and Fairtrade committee at Bucks New University) to say that MK was still on the committee and that they have their next meeting on Nov 8th. Emily Dixie has now graduated and is no longer at BNU. MK will find out at the meeting who Emily’s successor will be.

AM – has had problems finding the right contacts at each of the churches in Wycombe for his research into where all the churches are at in regards to FT.

MK – gave AM a copy of our directory which lists all the churches in the Wycombe town wards.

MK – there is a new requirement on the FT Town renewal form to carry out a survey of the town’s churches re: their FT status

SM – will try to send out a questionnaire to schools in the town and could include the clip from the FT schools website. I C-S has put SM in touch with Jean from Wycombe FOE who sent SM a very helpful email re: their attempts to set up links with schools about the reduction of single-use plastics. They are giving an assembly on the subject at Millbrook in October.

JM – following the last meeting, Matt sent a letter inviting the mayor of Grecia and members of Co-op Vittoria to the Cardiff International FT Towns conference on 18th – 20th Oct. The mayor of Grecia is unable to come but Maria from Co-op Vittoria will be and she will also be able to visit High Wycombe on 16th/17th Oct, prior to the conference. She will go to visit Bewley’s (JM is also communicating with Louise Whittaker), the Mayor and Hills Cafe. Our workshop is
going ahead at the Cardiff conference.

MK – outlined the ideas for the workshop – looking at links with local government, community and businesses in Grecia.

JM – the aim is to let the participants know how we are trying to set up the link and get feedback and ideas from the participants.

MK – Haworth in Yorkshire (the first Fairtrade village) has well established links with Machu Picchu (for last 10 years). We will be working towards a more official twinning with Grecia.

JM – we are also trying to see if Maria will be able to speak on Wycombe Sound. At the Cardiff workshop, they will also show a video from the mayor of Grecia.

MK – showed a diagram detailing the set-up of the linkage. In Latin America, the co-operatives are the main drivers of the regions becoming FT. MK/JM were interviewed on Wycombe Sound this afternoon from approx 2.25pm – 2.45pm (Tony Smith on the Afternoon Show).

SM – will try to download the interview and send it round.

JM – a lady from Tibasosa (Olga – who was also at Madrid) may also be going to the Cardiff conference. Representatives from 2 other towns in Latin America will be going as well.

MK – one of Bewley’s quality control managers is also hoping to meet Maria at Hill’s Cafe.

MK – re: draft objectives for Oct ’19 – Oct ’21 – circulated previously by e-mail.

MK/SK are planning to visit Grecia in 2020.

MK – we have had about 150 hits on Twitter

I C-S – this is similar to the level that Wycombe FOE has. Sharing content to related groups such as Wycombe FOE is quick to do. Producing content is time-consuming.

MK – for schools objectives, we could also offer the possibility of linking with schools in Grecia.

MK – suggested that we could ask the Costa Rican ambassador to present our renewal certificate. Haworth held their 10 year anniversary in the Peruvian embassy.

SK – will be doing a Traidcraft stall at Christ the Servant King church on 10th November

JM – suggested that we try to organise our 5 year celebration social.

Next meeting: Tuesday 12th November.

BS will check if the Avenue would be available

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