Minutes of 4th September 2018


Minutes of meeting: 4th September 2018 Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue

Those present:
Mike King, Sheena King, Sarah Moroz, Bob Smith, Ivan Cicin-Sain – Wycombe FOE, Kat Frei – Student Volunteer Co-ordinator, Bucks New Uni

I C-S – Wycombe Friends of the Earth have started a plastics reduction campaign and will also be showing a film, ‘A Plastic Ocean’ on Tuesday 20th November at The Friends Meeting House at 7.30pm. On 16th Sept they will be having a stall at Pann Mill and a plastic-free picnic on the Rye.

MK – MK and SK attended a Wycombe FOE meeting in July and signed up to help with researching plastics reduction and filled in a questionnaire. MK will be starting to volunteer at the Community Library in January and the manager there also works at The Swan.

SK – ran a Traidcraft stall on 11th June in Radnage and took about £125 – this was as part of the Radnage Open Gardens scheme and we have been approached to do a stall on Sat 13th October at the Southern Counties Keep Fit Association AGM from 8.30am – 5pm.

Also, SK is doing a Christmas Traidcraft stall at her church (Christ the Servant King) on 28th October.

MK – re: the international conference in Madrid – there are sessions at it on universities. MK will update Kat following this event.

SM – hasn’t managed to follow up her initial letter to Highcrest school yet but will do so.

MK – Louise is still at Bewleys. MK will contact her.

MK – Jhon Munoz attended a Fairtrade conference in Portsmouth in June. Jhon will feedback on this in due course.

MK – there are some new FT outlets in Wycombe: Greggs in Squirrel Lane (FT tea and coffee) – at the old site of the Co-op. Also the Red Lion pub on the road to Bradenham (FT tea and coffee and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream)

SK – has been to the Hearing Dogs cafe near Saunderton and they have a feedback card and she is going to suggest FT tea/coffee.

MK – asked for suggestions on what to spend our £250 grant on (from Christ the Servant King church). I C-S – perhaps get some FT samples

SK – has seen some offers from the Real Chocolate Company

SM – will contact Matt to see if we would be able to do the refreshments at the Mayor’s Carol Concert

KF – asked if MK had spoken to Alastair Jack (the sustainability manager at Bucks New Uni) – he would be a good person to speak to re: plastic reduction. KF is working towards a Green Accreditation award for BNU and asked which of the UN Sustainability Goals relate to FT.

SM – there was a talk about this at the Bristol Conference a few years ago. SM will look into this and let KF know

KF – FT Fortnight at BNU involves a lot of work. KF is trying to re-think it and perhaps will concentrate more on FT events happening throughout the year. She would like to do chocolate tasting. Blindfold tasting using only FT chocolate of different types. She will also try to film it.

Next meeting: Tuesday 30th October – Avenue Methodist Church

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