Minutes of Zoom Meeting of 25th August 2020

Those present

  • Mike King
  • Jhon Munoz
  • Sheena King
  • Sarah Moroz


  • Angus Massie
  • Ivan Cicin-Sain


MK – has decided to add a sentence to the constitution re: local producers also being supported
Friends of the Earth/Population Matters – I C-S sent e-mail. Re: Bucks Climate Action Group – he suggests that Wycombe for Fairtrade joins Bucks Climate Action Group and follows them on Facebook. MK will send the e-mail onto rest of group. Also Wycombe FOE are appealing for help in finding entrants for the ‘Finding Greta’ video competition.

JM – has posted the info re: ‘Finding Greta’ competition on our Facebook page. Has also sent e-mail to Tony Thornby re: posting it on our Twitter account.

MK – TT may be joining Zoom chat later and will update us on 2 new e-mail addresses for our group and re: communications with Steve Guy. One of the e-mail addresses is for our steering group communication with Grecia and other groups: steeringgroup@wycombefairtrade.org.uk ; the other one: info@wycombefairtrade.org.uk is for the public to use and we need a rota to monitor it on webmail.gridhost.co.uk. TT set these up with Steve Guy. We may need a ‘hand-over’ phone call between people monitoring the public e-mail.

JM – will set up a calendar for the rota and send it round.

JM – re: Grecia etc. The banner has been sent through to us. JM will translate the Spanish wording on their banner. He can then send it back to Grecia. The banner looks good.

MK – the design is very good and colourful and font sizes good.

JM – at the bottom of the banner there will be the website/e-mail/Facebook details for us.

MK – is having discussions with AM re: increasing the involvement of churches/faith groups. MK will also be asking Heather Searle and Lesley Hatton to help with this.

MK – re: the AGM – has sent e-mail to Bucks Free Press to advertise this. Will also post on our Facebook, website etc. Also planning to put up a poster about it in libraries etc. Only steering group members will be allowed to vote (this is to avoid disruption by people trying to take over, as warned by TT).

JM – maybe better to only advertise it to Wyc FOE, Population Matters etc?

MK – not sure whether we should be keeping a wider audience though

SM – should be advertising it publically as it is an AGM?

JM – thinks we should also be formalising the membership. We don’t have this at the moment.

MK – there is a statement in the constitution specifying that members should be supportive of the principles of Fairtrade.

JM – we should also state that a member should attend a certain number of meetings per year and should also sign an official statement of support.

SK – we could also have a annual membership fee

MK – there are suggested amounts in the constitution.

JM – suggested £15 for regular members, £10 for concessions, £5 for students

MK – will incorporate these suggestions into the constitution and recirculate

SK – we should also include a data protection statement

SM – we could have a membership form available on the website

MK – for the AGM he has put together a Chairman’s report. All the officers have confirmed that they are willing to re-stand. Waitrose have not got back to him yet re: the green token application. Need to apply for other grants as well.

JM – would be good to invite Matt to the AGM as well

SM – will e-mail AM offering to nominate him and that MK is willing to second him (as AM won’t be at the Zoom AGM).

SM – will start monitoring the public e-mail address from next Monday onwards for a week.

JM – asked if any update re: the Costa Rican anniversary coffee?

MK – not yet – probably not until Oct/Nov once they have worked out how much coffee they will need, once the churches etc which use their coffee have opened up again more.

Next meeting

AGM on Tuesday 15th September 8pm

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