Summary Minutes of the Meeting of 17th October 2023


The Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue


Treasurers report

Social Media

  • Discussion on possible website upgrade
  • Need more content for website
  • Setting up of new e-mail address for group, to be monitored by one person

International Fair Trade Towns conference (Sept 23)

  • presentation from ourselves/Coope Victoria went really well and generated many questions
  • theme of conference was ‘connectivity’ and there was a focus on the word ‘fair’
  • examples of Fairtrade products being combined with local products

Wycombe and Grecia/Coope Victoria partnership

  • meeting between Costan Rican contacts and roaster in UK on 26th Sept went well
  • meetings between ourselves and other UK roasters also being arranged

Pann Mill Open Day 10/09/23

  • sufficient helpers but weather not so good
  • perhaps concentrate on May and July open days

Liaison with other groups

  • mainly with environmental groups at present

Other initiatives/ideas

  • could produce tote bags displaying that we are a Fairtrade community
  • try to get local roaster to sell and promote Coope Victoria coffee
  • follow up contacts re: road signage and flower bed
  • pursue other contacts with local schools
  • will be providing refreshments again at Mayor’s Carol Concert
  • work is being done to promote international links for Bucks New Uni re: Fairtrade
  • Fairtade stall and quiz being organised at Christ the Servant King church

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