Summary Minutes of the Meeting of 8th June 2022


The Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue

Those present

Lesley Hatton
Ed McKeon
Mike King
Sarah Moroz
Sheena King
Tim Nolan
Angus Massie
Tony Thornby


Andrea Baughan
Steve Morton
Jhon Munoz

Topics discussed

  • Treasurer’s report
  • Schools link
    • 4 joint teaching sessions held
    • MK/SK visited the school in Grecia on their recent trip and were very impressed
  • Other matters
    • MK has finished interviews for 2nd article in Journal of Fair Trade
    • Renewal date for Fairtrade Town status is now 01/08/23
    • Meeting with new Mayor and Deputy Mayor has been arranged
    • Discussion re: if we should change to using single word ‘Fairtrade’ in our group’s name
  • Coope Victoria coffee
    • Discussion re: possibility of marketing a coffee from Coope Victoria to advertise the link between Wycombe and Grecia and involving students at Highcrest in designing the packaging
  • Social media issues
    • We need to produce more content to engage the people in Wycombe
    • Other ways to reach people e.g. Wycombe Sound, local magazines
  • Costa Rica trip
    • MK/SK had a brilliant time in Costa Rica and were made extremely welcome
    • Visits included the Colegio school linked with Highcrest, a coffee and sugar cane farm, Coope Victoria, a water company, a farmers market, an alcohol production plant, planting trees with local school children and meeting the Mayor and Deputy Mayor

Next meeting

Tuesday 12th July at The Avenue Church – at 8pm

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