Fairtrade for Wycombe Group selected as Campaigner of the Month

In the December Fairtrade Communities Bulletin published by the Fairtrade Communities Campaigns Team, High Wycombe was selected as campaigner of the month.

The entry was:

Since launching our new online platform in May, over 100 Fairtrade Communities have made a fresh Fairtrade commitment.

Now, we would like to begin celebrating some of the wonderful work that people have been sharing as part of their renewals. Throughout 2024 we will be celebrating campaigners regularly, so keep an eye out on social media and on our emails. 

But to start things off, congratulations to December campaigner of the month, the High Wycombe for Fairtrade group

Through the hard work from Mike King and the rest of the High Wycombe Fairtrade team, great things have been achieved over many years.

High Wycombe has been a Fairtrade Community for nearly a decade. During Fairtrade Fortnight 2023, Mike King delivered 6 15-minute presentations about the function of Fairtrade to 995 students in the local high school and ran the Celebration Coffee project, built on a long-standing partnership with a Fairtrade Community in Grecia, Costa Rica.

Partnering with the CoopeVictoria Fairtrade coffee producer group, Mike arranged to have their coffee roasted in the UK by a local roaster. This historic moment was part of an ongoing celebration of the partnership between High Wycombe and Grecia’s communities, a partnership fostered by a shared passion for Fairtrade.”


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