Traidcraft Exchange Webinar – Weds 25th Nov 2020

Mike and Sheena King joined over 320 other campaigners and supporters to take part in this very good Traidcraft Exchange Zoom Webinar entitled “Changing Trade and Changing Lives in Challenging Times”.

The five speakers from Traidcraft Exchange basically covered four issues:-

  1. The strategic restructuring of Traidcraft Exchange as a “bottom up”, “grass roots” development charity operating in Africa and S.Asia
  2. The dreadful plight of the garment industry workers during and after the coronavirus pandemic.
  3. A very encouraging symbiotic development project in the coastal belt of Northern Tanzania.
  4. The inescapable link between improving regional rural and urban development has to include measures and policies that address climate change to achieve full social and climate justice.

Read More… (opens a 5 page PDF document)

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