Grecia Trip – Wycombe for Fairtrade – Morning Saturday 14th May 2022

Day 2. International Fair Trade Day Saturday 14th May 2022. Morning. Grecia Farmers’ Market.

Mike and Sheena King participated in promoting CoopeVictoria, the Fairtrade coffee and sugar cane cooperative, the Fairtrade Town of Grecia, and the links with the UK Fairtrade Town of High Wycombe in the UK at the Farmers’ Market on International Fair Trade Day.

At 8.00 pm, Marie Angela Zamora Chaves and her husband Henry kindly drove us from our hotel to the Farmer’s Market on the outskirts of Grecia where CoopeVictoria and Grecia Fairtrade had a permanent stall. It was important that Mike and Sheena King were present at the International Fair Trade Day 2022 in Grecia to celebrate the significance of Fair Trade to producers like CoopeVictoria, and supporting councils like the Municipality of Grecia. The Farmers’ Market is open every Friday and Saturday.

Caption: The Farmers’ Market in Grecia is open on Fridays and Saturdays selling organic local produce.

Caption: Sheena at the permanent CoopeVictoria – Grecia Fairtrade stand points out the Spanish language banner promoting the partnership between the two Fairtrade Towns of Grecia and High Wycombe.

There were many Fairtrade promotional roller-banners in Spanish, which were set up in good time. Two banners were specifically designed to engage with children, indicating 7 differences and benefits to the farmers and their communities of Fair Trade over conventional Free trade. Children were encouraged identify the differences and mark them with a sticker on the Fair Trade banner. Rewards includes sweets and candy. There were also a series of laminated cards with a question on each about aspects of Fair Trade, to ask adult members of the public passing by. One lady provided an excellent answer and was rewarded with a bag of CoopeVictoria Fairtrade coffee. The undercover market was vast, impressive, and displayed quality fruit, vegetables, and other organic food products.

Caption: Prominent Grecia Town banners, one depicting free market trade with low incomes and opportunities on the right, and the guaranteed income & social benefits of Fair Trade on the left.

The Mayor, Francisco Murillo, and the Deputy Mayor, Nora Suarez, also came to the CoopeVictoria Stall to help support International Fair Trade Day and introduce themselves to Mike and Sheena King. The Grecia Mayors were impressed that Mike and Sheena had devoted 6 days of their Costa Rican holiday to be in Grecia, supporting and promoting our Fairtrade High Wycombe/Grecia Partnership Town. The Spanish language version of the Fairtrade High Wycombe/Grecia Partnership Town Banner was proudly displayed at the CoopeVictoria stand and attracted many glances.

Caption: Grecia Municipality and CoopeVictoria banner demonstrating the advantages of Fair Trade sales to both farmers and the local community.

CoopeVictoria and Grecia Fairtrade Town banners were supplemented by UNAGUAS banners. This was a partner organization promoting sustainability, reforestation, and the supply of community-run freshwater to over 5,500 homes and businesses in Grecia, including CoopeVictoria.

Caption: Fairtrade protects the environment banners produced by CLAC, the Latin American Regional arm of the World Fair Trade Organization advocating more reforestation.

In addition to a permanent stall at the Farmers’ Market, CoopeVictoria also managed a snack bar and small store called a “Sopa”, which sold all the varieties of CoopeVictoria Fairtrade coffees and sugar cane.

Caption: School girl engaging in an education challenge to identify 7 major differences between conventional free trade indicated by red stickers, and the more holistic Fair-Trade farmer benefits.

Caption: Adult shoppers passing the CoopeVictoria stand were given cards with questions relating to Fairtrade. Knowledgeable people received a Fairtrade bag of local coffee.

Caption: The extensive undercover market sold meat, fish, and locally grown fruit and vegetables.

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