Summary Minutes of the Meeting of 5th September 2023

Meeting Venue

The Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue

Topics discussed

Wycombe and Grecia/Coope Victoria Partnership

  • 2 representatives from Coope Victoria will be able to attend the International Fair Trade Towns Conference 21st – 23rd September and then meet with a roaster and wholesaler in the UK on Sept 26th
  • Will be a Zoom meeting on 8th Sept to discuss arrangements for this
  • CLAC will be using our work as a template for future partnerships

Treasurers report

Pann Mill event on 10/09/23

Will be selling Fairtrade goods and remaining few bags of the partnership coffee

Fairtrade Town renewal

Most of the on-line renewal has now been completed

Ideas and Initiatives

  • Try to attend meetings of local environmental groups
  • Recruitment drive
  • Liaison with Bucks New Uni and Highcrest
  • Try to further our contact with other schools – assemblies/arrange talk
  • Town signage – raise issue with Mayor

Next meeting:

Tuesday 17th October at The Avenue Church 8pm

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