Wycombe Fairtrade Steering Group Chairman meets with Andrea Baughan, the new Mayor of High Wycombe – Monday 14th June 2021.

This was Andrea’s first meeting as Mayor on her first day in office. Andrea was very receptive and supportive of Fairtrade as she is of small businesses, social housing, (Habitat for Humanity), environmental issues, and climate change issues. She welcomed the opportunity for Wycombe For Fairtrade Steering Group members to attend any Mayoral events and functions where they might be able to provide Fairtrade teas/coffees/biscuits etc. and where Wycombe Fairtrade could perhaps promote Wycombe being a Fairtrade Town and our ever developing links with Grecia/CoopeVictoria in Costa Rica, using our banners/leaflets etc?

The Mayor also expressed her desire to do some joint ventures and promotion around the 2022 Fairtrade Fortnight in High Wycombe, as well as link with her counterpart in Grecia. This would hopefully, pandemic restrictions permitting, include the annual Mayor’s Carol service in November 2021, but could possibly include other events that might involve local businesses, schools, or places of worship. Engaging with young people is a particular passion for Andrea during her mayoral tenure.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, the Mayor of High Wycombe’s website has been mothballed. However, next month it is expected to be reactivated. She is happy to have the Wycombe For Fairtrade website link on her Mayor’s home page as well as for the Wycombe For Fairtrade website and social media having links to the Mayor’s webpage. Andrea was also willing to be involved with online links and future Zoom discussions with the Mayor of Grecia, in Costa Rica, whose 200th Anniversary as an independent country is in September 2021.

Andrea advised the Wycombe For Fairtrade Steering Group to continue to have dialogue with the Wycombe Town Councillors (Charter Town Trustees) and to work with newly elected Wycombe councillors across all parties.

The 90-minute meeting covered a wide range of issues and was highly productive in terms of mutual understanding, clarity, and support. Andrea has consulted her diary and has very kindly agreed to attend the next Wycombe For Fairtrade Steering Group.

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