Minutes of 23rd April 2019


Minutes of meeting: 23rd April 2019

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:

Mike King
Bob Smith
Sheena King
Tony Thornby
Angus Massie
Ivan Cicin-Sain – Wycombe Friends of the Earth
Sarah Moroz

MK – re: Louise Whitaker talk on 20th May. MK has found a good venue – Wrights Meadow Community Centre (and they didn’t ask for public liability insurance). MK showed a poster to advertise it – he has sent this to Chesham FT group, the Oxford coalition group, the Methodist circuit and the chaplaincy at Bucks New Univ. People need to register (maximum is 50 people).

SM – will get the e-mail addresses of church offices in Wycombe so that we can try to get the event advertised in their newsletters.

SK – when MK went to a meeting at the BNU chaplaincy, Rev Jenny Ellis (the co-ordinating chaplain at BNU) offered to host an event at her house and we could have a speaker at that too.

MK – we could ask Carol Wills to do this perhaps.

TT – will put the details of the 20th May event on our website and Facebook page and will put “register early as spaces are limited”. On the morning of the event we could e-mail people to ask if they were still intending to come.

MK – JM is trying to get a stall in M & S to coincide with World Fair Trade Day.

MK – JM and MK met the director of SPP, Geronimo. There are now
5 African and a few Asian countries that have SPP producers but
mainly they are in Central and South America. The SPP have given us
permission to put their logo on our directory etc.

On Thursday afternoon, JM and MK will be talking to the mayor of
Grecia and the CEO of Co-op Vittoria on a Skype call. TT has now put
info about Grecia and Co-op Vittoria on our website.

The unitary authority for Bucks is due to come into place next year
and JM would like us to create a contact at the council. We could ask
Matt re: the council plans.

MK – in addition to the £250 grant from Christ the Servant King
church, it would be good to have some other income. JM is
investigating the possibility of becoming a ‘Social Enterprise’ group.
I C-S – has suggested that we set up a group e-mail address.

TT – maybe we could do a quiz night to raise funds.

SM – we could do a stall at a Pann Mill event

I C-S – they do 3 events a year at Pann Mill

TT – will give thought to whether local businesses could provide
sponsorship to us.

MK – suggested that we could do something to celebrate WFF being
in existence for more than 10 years.

SM – plus it is nearly 5 years since Wycombe became a FT town

SK – there is a large board at Sainsbury’s saying they are converting
all their own T-shirts to FT cotton.

Traidcraft have recently had a problem with some ingredients of
some cakes which were labelled as being FT but Traidcraft were told
afterwards that some of the fruit wasn’t FT as the producers were in
the process of re-applying for certification.

BS – the cafe at the bottom of Desborough Avenue has now

MK – the Grape Tree now has some FT products again.

Next meeting: Tuesday 18th June 8pm at Micklefield Library

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