Minutes of Meeting of 11th February 2020


Ivan & Alison’s house

Those present

  • Mike King
  • Tony Thornby
  • Sheena King
  • Ivan Cicin-Sain – Wycombe Friends of the Earth
  • Angus Massie
  • Sarah Moroz
  • Alison Cicin-Sain
  • Jhon Munoz


Bob Smith and Eryn Anderson


MK – showed A2 display board featuring our campaigning towards the 5 goals – printed at Blue Print (near Primark) in Wycombe – we will be taking it to the Politicon event on Thursday.

MK – has been invited to the Fairtrade Breakfast tomorrow at Bucks New Uni.

JM – when he took the Costa Rican Ambassador and his wife back to the railway station after our presentation event on January 21st, they said they were very pleased to meet the mayor and councillors and want to continue the relationship.

MK – timing for the event was a bit ‘on the hoof’ but the reception went well.

SM – felt that MK spoke very well. We had some supportive comments from councillors in the meeting as well.

JM – had a Skype call with Maria and the new manager from Co-op Vittoria and the mayor of Grecia and let them know about the presentation meeting. There have been local elections in Grecia. Unfortunately the current mayor was not re-elected but he will communicate with the new mayor and put us in touch. They also discussed a few possible future actions eg. exchange of letters between students. Also about the follow-up with Bewleys – there will be a meeting with Louise next week. Meetings with other possible companies as well perhaps.

SM – Kingdom Coffee’s website says they support a charity called ‘Latin Link’ which has projects in Costa Rica

JM – apparently the new mayor of Grecia belongs to the same political party as the Ambassador. They reported about our event on the Facebook page of the Ambassador. Maz, the mayor of High Wycombe also posted about it.

SM – asked if there had been any news about the Co-op Vittoria beans that were roasted by Bewleys.

MK/JM – nothing they know of yet

MK – Haworth coffee – Cafedirect produced a limited edition blend of Machu Picchu coffee for them.

I C-S – the climate coalition meeting held recently brainstormed ideas to produce documents to present to new unitary council – a manifesto and a pledge for candidates standing for election to put their names to, supporting environment commitments.

MK – there were lots of good ideas. About 5 people will be going to start working on this document.

A C-S – there were people from Princes Risborough, Beaconsfield anti-plastic campaign etc as well as individuals

I C-S – is managing a project for a video and speaker presentation event for Years 10, 11 and 12 called ‘Finding Greta’. There are 2 eco-shops in Marlow that sell eco-products and they are willing to contribute towards prizes. The topic is climate change. I C-S will be contacting all secondary schools in Wycombe. If he gets 50 entrants, that would be good.

AM – no change to report at the moment on compiling information on the FT status of Wycombe churches. He is hoping that 7th March event will help.

MK – BNU volunteer week starts this week and continues next week.

TT – hasn’t done any more updates recently. Still needs some text on the presentation event and the Mayor’s carol concert.

MK/SM – will supply this

JM – can also provide some info from Co-op Vittoria re: the Meet the Producer tours organised by Traidcraft

SK – noticed that Wheatley in Oxfordshire is a FT village (newly achieved in Jan)

MK – has made contact with someone there and is planning to meet up at some point. Doesn’t think they are part of the Oxford coalition. There used to be a campus of BNU there.

MK – re: FT Fortnight – suggested going on Wyc Sound again. JM/TT can also do this. BNU have a speaker from Bewleys (not Louise). For the 7th March event there are now several speakers confirmed: Margaret Dykes, Maranda St John Nicolle, Angharad Hopkinson (and
himself). He has been advertising as much as possible – has taken posters around.

TT – at the Kings Church it needs to be announced – people don’t tend to look at the notice board. Could also promote it on Wyc Sound

A C-S – could contact Bucks Free Press about it – put it in their free adds section

SK – will put it in the message book at the Oxfam shop

MK – re: the Politicon event at John Hampden on Thursday 13th Feb – it starts at 6pm. The debate will be 7.30 – 8.30pm. At the climate coalition meeting, Gill Walker was also there – she is Chair of the Chesham FT group. Last week MK was in West Wycombe library and a lady came in and was interested in joining our group. She has her own marketing company and may be able to promote Co-op Vittoria’s produce.

JM – will investigate what Bristol had to do to register as a Community Interest Company.

I C-S – Wycombe Friends of the Earth do not get any funding from the national FOE but do get insurance cover from them. Population Matters have a similar set-up.

A S-C – FOE receive membership fees nationally – perhaps that’s why they can offer insurance cover.

I C-S – Wycombe FOE ask for £10 membership per year. Population Matters don’t at the moment but may in the future.

TT – we could ask our retailers who are listed on our directory for a donation per year if they would like to feature more prominently in the directory. These retailers can then tell people that they are supporters of us.

Next meeting

Tuesday 31st March at Mike & Sheen’s (since postponed)

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