Summary Minutes of the Meeting of 10th January 2023


The Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue

Topics discussed

Wycombe Friends of the Earth

Group Admin

The next international Fair Trade Towns conference is in Glarus Nord in Switzerland 19th – 21st September 2023

Treasurer’s Report

    Renewal of our Public Liability insurance now due. We apply for it but it is paid by the Fairtrade Foundation

    Awaiting criteria for our renewal of Fairtrade Town status – due August 2023

    Mayor’s Carol Concert 11/12/22

    Large number of people attended. More drinks served before the service than after.

    Good community event, linking us with events of Mayor, town and All Saints

    Wycombe and Grecia/Coope Victoria Partnership

    Sample roasts done of the 2kg of coffee beans sent from Costa Rica. Very good results

    Aim to produce 75 bags of whole beans and 125 bags of ground coffee once the main consignment of beans has arrived

    Liaising with Highcrest to arrange events for Fairtrade Fortnight, hope fully to involve the launch of the Partnership coffee and a visit from the Costa Rican ambassador.

    Social media

    Adjustments required to website hosting

    Response required to message on Comments page

    Other matters

    Liaison with universities re: Journal of Fair Trade and other journals
    has taken place

    Events at Christ the Servant King church for Fairtrade Fortnight –
    services and stall on 26th Feb and a possible Fair Trade quiz on 22nd
    Feb or 1st March

    Next meeting

    To be arranged

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