Meeting of 17th April 2018


Minutes of meeting: 17th April 2018 Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue

Those present:
Mike King, Sarah Moroz, Jhon Munoz, Tony Thornby, Bob Smith, Ivan Cicin-Sain – Wycombe Friends of the Earth, Angus Massie – Trinity URC,

Apologies from SK; welcome to Angus

BS – update re: data protection. BS showed examples of forms that have been produced by a local Anglican church and from the South

Oxfordshire Riding Club. It seems that we just have to produce a form that members sign to say that they are willing to receive communications via e-mail/telephone etc and the list of members has to be kept secure and only released to project leaders within the group.

IC-S – the Population Matters group hasn’t tackled this yet.

AM – his church has gone through a similar process. An article by the Civil Service Pensioners’ Association said that in their view they don’t need to do anything as they have already allowed their details to be used in the past. Angus advised that e-mails are always blind copied

TT – his e-mail address is his business one so it is already in the public domain.

AM – will send us the form that his church uses.

MK – re: the international FT towns conference in Madrid in October – MK, SK and JM are going. We have identified a couple of potential towns in Nicaragua and Chile that we may be able to liaise with. JM – has contacted the president of a brazil nut co-operative in Nicaragua and he has communicated with the president of CLAC (the Latin American and Caribbean network of Fair Trade small producers and workers). JM is expecting a contact back this week and hopes to have a skype call. The co-operative also supplies sesame oil to the Body Shop (the oil is FT and organic).

TT – everything that MK has sent to TT has now been put onto our re-vamped website. The latest minutes are updated on the front page of the website.

MK – re: the ‘Love Wycombe’ event on Sunday 20th May.

SM – has had e-mail contact with Richard Peters and he seems happy for us to have a presence.

MK – offered use of his laptop to show FT videos and our website TT – will check how to link to internet on the Rye

I C-S – if it is situated near the Lido, it may be possible to link into their Wi-Fi

MK – has e-mailed Windsor and Eton brewery and Rebellion to ask re: the possibility of a FT beer for next year’s FT Fortnight. The Windsor and Eton brewery contacted him back and sounded interested.

SM – there was another craft brewery which had a stall at Wycombe market on Saturday

MK – this was a company called Fishers. He will e-mail them as well.

SM – will follow up her letter to Highcrest school

MK – will contact Louise at Bewleys and send her SM’s e-mail address

MK – re: the communication he had from Barclays about tax – most of what they are asking about is irrelevant to us. MK is going to contact the FT Foundation for advice.

TT – we could contact the HMRC and ask them to send us a waiver. MK – has had conflicting advice from Barclays

AM – advises us to communicate in writing with HMRC rather than just phoning them

MK – on the last episode of ‘Songs of Praise’ there was a feature on FT in West Africa

JM – wondering if we could do another activity for World FT Day eg. have a feature on Wycombe Sound. JM could gather some info on the Nicaragua link and talk about that.

MK – suggests that MK and JM could go together

SM – could also find out if Ruby Moon source any of their goods from Latin America

JM – could also contact ‘The Works’ about this – the Manager and his wife have been on Wycombe Sound before.

TT – suggests that we could put info on our Facebook page regarding FT products from across the globe.

JM – could get info about this from where he works. JM has access to info from Flocert and could link this up with FT brands available in Wycombe.

AM – his church have had a FT stall once a month for a long time now.

I C-S – has a gazebo that he is willing to lend if needed

AM – would still like to be included on the e-mail list re: minutes etc

Next meeting: Tuesday 5th June – at The Avenue Methodist Church

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