Meeting of 23rd May 2017


Minutes of meeting: 23rd May 2017

Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue

Those present:

Claire Booth             Sarah Moroz

Mike King                  Bob Smith

Sheena King

SM – gave update on the schools art competition

MK – re: review of the Aims and Objectives 2015 -2017

Still need to find out if the council serve Fairtrade tea and coffee etc. Perhaps ask Matt or speak to Wycombe District Council procurement officer

Wycombe BidsCo are coming up for renewal – it may not survive?

Also one of their major donors is Bucks New Uni which has financial problems

SM – perhaps we could get posters/info put in the community/council notice boards

CB – we could ask if Bewleys would be willing to sponsor a roundabout sign. CB used to work at the Newlands site of BNU and they had links with the Chiltern Chamber of Commerce.

CB – has asked Bewleys for a raffle prize but they haven’t got back to her yet.

MK – there are not so many manufacturing companies in Wycombe now

BS – there are a few furniture companies still in the town

CB – will ask her contacts in the High Wycombe Rotary group to see if they know any local companies who use or want to use FT goods in their staff canteens etc

SK – there is an article on Ruby Moon in the latest BidCo magazine

MK – is going to a meeting with the BNU FT group at the end of June. Amy Howe is no longer there. There is a lady who has replaced her but we don’t have e-mail contact with her yet. BNU did the FT volleyball event again in this year’s FT Fortnight plus a swap shop/stall. They sell a lot of FT wine in their bar and their sports shirts are FT cotton.

There is also a new Co-op on the site of the old Squirrel pub in Downley

Re: lists of B&Bs, hostels, hotels etc – not been successful with these so far but we have increased our liaison with other local groups such as Wycombe Friends of the Earth

SK – re: F of E film evening on 18th July – asked CB if the Rotary group would like to have some leaflets etc on the Women in Coffee campaign or if CB would like to say a few words on the evening. The film is about empowering women

MK – is planning to re-design our website, together with JM and TT

CB – suggests maybe having a social event to raise awareness of FT or perhaps get new members

MK – someone suggested that we could approach the Rebellion brewery to have a special FT beer (containing FT sugar/honey/vanilla)

SK – wondering if we could get JM’s picture in the local press, having run the Edinburgh marathon for the FT cashew nut project

CB – will try to investigate the rationale behind the FT Foundation website saying that the public liability insurance is up to the local groups

Next meeting:   Tuesday 11th July

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