Meeting of January 7th 2014

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:
Mike King Sarah Moroz
Sheena King Bob Smith
Matt Knight Tony Thornby

MK – The last meeting, at Peros, was very good – a very ethical company.

MK – Two areas of work to be considered: Fairtrade Fortnight and filling in the application for Fairtrade Town status. The latter is mainly a collating job. Thinks we should split our forces. Himself and Sheena, plus Tony or another person would do the collating and others to focus on other things. He has now checked the population of High Wycombe and it is 120,211 for the urban area. This takes it to another level for Fairtrade Town application. The catering target goes from 10 to 12. The Empire cinema sells Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream. We also need to canvas the hotels. The Holiday Inn at Handy Cross has a Starbucks in it. The target for retailers has gone up from 20 to 23 but we are still covered for this. We are weak on work with schools but good on most other things.

SM – will now re-jig the schools’ questionnaire, taking into account Amy’s suggestions and send it out.

MKn – went to Cliveden and noticed they didn’t do Fairtrade tea/coffee. Spoke to them and they said they would look at this. At the moment they do Yorkshire tea as the National Trust does this nationally. Could also try Hughenden likewise.

MKn – e-mailed Peter Goodey re: school visit to Peros, following our last meeting. Peter said he thought that they could manage half a class at a time. MKn has also spoken to a teacher at Ash Hill and she has a Year 6 class who are currently doing the Rainforest as a topic. Transport would be the only issue – the school has no minibus.
TT – the University has a minibus.
MK – they actually have 3 minibuses. He will speak to Jack.
SK – would also need press coverage.

TT – we could do with another person from the Uni on our steering

MKn – in order to help reach schools, we could perhaps find sympathetic governors.

MK – it would be good to achieve Fairtrade Town status within Trevor Snaith’s mayoral year.
MKn – Trevor is having an ‘unconventional’ civic service this year. He is holding it in his ward. He has arranged it at the Sytner BMW showroom on 26th January.
TT – Amy had mentioned that we need more evidence of engaging other people. Another idea he has had is finding out how many other companies on Cressex would be willing to use Fairtrade tea and coffee supplied by Peros.
MK – has noticed a lot of coffee bars and fast-food caterers opening the west of Wycombe. He has also sent an e-mail to Peter Goodey asking for a list of businesses they supply to in Wycombe.
BS – suggesting whether firms with vending machines would be a possible target.
TT – knows a high-up contact in a vending machine business based in the Clare Foundation.
MKn – school lunches are provided for several schools by a chef at Millbrook. Wondering if this could be another place we could push for Fairtrade.
MK – Zizzi’s in the Eden Centre sells coffee which is triple-certified.
SK – their church newsletter mentioned a new cafe opening on Desborough Road which is a community project.
MKn – we can also put Wycombe ‘Mind’ down as a Fairtrade organisation. Also, Peros have offered all the equipment for a coffee/tea bar for them and a year’s free supply of coffee. We could do with a photograph of this.

SM- will provide TT with minutes for the website. Also, we need to put the motion that we got through council on the website.

Next meeting: Tuesday 4th February, Micklefield Library

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