Meeting of June 24th 2014

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:
Mike King Sarah Moroz
Sheena King Bob Smith
Matt Knight Tony Thornby

MK – has spent a long time since the last meeting putting together the application and sending it off to the Fairtrade Foundation (it went on 19th May). SK sent the file with supporting evidence by post on 21st May. MK is also keeping the retail/business info updated. The FT Foundation sent an acknowledgement on 23rd May.

MK – Jack has now left Bucks New Uni. BidCo have a strong connection with the Uni as the Uni is such a large employer in High Wycombe. It would be good to arrange a meeting with BidCo once we have obtained FT Town status.

BS – tried to get an announcement made at Love Wycombe that we have applied for FT Town status but it wasn’t announced.

MK – presented a sheet showing possible next steps.
TT – we could perhaps hold a celebratory event in Bucks New Uni and this would help us re-establish a link with them. Jack’s post is currently vacant. We could invite Town Committee councillors. Also people from the 2nd generation St Vincent group (SV2G).
MKn – SV2G have a steel-pan orchestra.
MK – we could get someone from the FT Foundation to present the FT Town status award and make a speech.

2nd proposal on MK’s sheet – regular updates to the Bucks Free Press.

MK – we also need to try to increase our membership. Peros did offer to help us create some publicity materials for FT events.

MK – we could also invite the High Commissioner for St Vincent to events.

SK – the Environment Centre now has a temporary office in the Chiltern Shopping precinct.

MK – Wycombe Harvest could provide an opportunity for us to promote FT. We could maybe get involved via Vidya.
SM/SK – would be willing to serve FT drinks.
MKn – will talk to the current mayor and to Oliver O’Dell (BidCo organise Wycombe Harvest)

MKn – we could perhaps also do something before/after a Town Committee meeting at Wycombe DC. The next one would be in September though.
SM – a Bucks New Uni event would probably have to be in the new term (September onwards).

MK – we should hear mid-July from the FT Foundation.
TT – if we hear sooner, we could have stall at the Rye Festival on 12th July.

Next meeting: to be decided

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