Meeting of 17th January 2017


Minutes of meeting: 17th January 2017

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road


Those present:

Mike King                           Jhon Munoz

Sheena King                       Bob Smith

Sarah Moroz

Amy How sends her apologies

MK – showed the leaflet he has put together to advertise our group and with a listing of retailers etc. Wycombe Sound have given us permission to use their logo + also to put some leaflets in their foyer. Perhaps we could also put our banner in their foyer when we’re not using it?

SM – gave account of what happened at Mayor’s carol concert – it was short notice but was ok on the night. We provided teas/coffees/squash and the town clerk (Paul Deacon) provided mince pies donated by local supermarkets. We used our banner and put leaflets on the tables. Paul gave us £50 as a donation to our funds. It was difficult to find any evidence of the event being advertised beforehand.

MK – we could use our contact with Wycombe Sound to advertise things in future

SM – talked about schools competition – no response yet

MK – will be speaking to Louise at Peros/Bewleys re: donations for prizes for the schools competition and the Bucks New Uni tombola

JM – is trying to contact a company re: Fairtrade footballs as donations for prizes

SK – re: MK/SK meeting at Wycombe Sound on 4th January. The lady there, Pippa, has suggested an interview slot in the week before Fairtrade Fortnight,  on 22nd February. Also we could have a 60-90 slot each weekday during the Fortnight when some facts about FT could be read out (prepared by ourselves but read out by the DJ). Wycombe Sound are also willing to prepare a jingle for us.

MK – broadcast goes out as far as Denham, Stokenchurch, Beaconsfield

MK – during the meeting, Wycombe Sound did an advert for Ruby Moon. Over FT Fortnight they are willing to do interviews with 3 local businesses. MK has suggested Matt Knight (Hills Cafe), Peros/Bewleys and Ruby Moon. Wycombe Sound has only been going since 31/10/16.

SK – suggested that WS should speak to Wycombe Post Office as they normally have a radio playing and it’s one of the larger stations.

MK – suggested that we give a £50 donation to WS. They are a community organisation.

BS – for the 10 slots of FT facts, it would be good to highlight products other than tea & coffee eg. FT footballs etc

MK –re: our funds – should we be giving any donations to the FT Foundation?

BS – we could set a limit to funds in our bank account and anything above this we could give to the FT Foundation

JM – contacted Rachael at the FT Foundation about booking a date to have a speaker from one of the FT producer groups but we are too late for this year’s speaker. We could get our name down for 2018 though. What event would we suggest that such a speaker could come to?

MK – maybe something at BNU

SK – we could use our contacts with schools to organise an event for a speaker to go to

BS – will advertise WS radio at his church. Also he could see if the children’s group at his church would like to enter the T-shirt competition

SM – will e-mail the schools letter to BS (+ to ignore the age restriction for the church group)

MK – talked about planned events for FT Fortnight at BNU:- Wine & Cheese evening, FT Fashion event, FT bananas pledge tree, FT sports packs, volley ball event, Smile event (like last year). Janet Goodman has sourced some ethically traded beads from India for a jewellery-making event

JM – has contacts at Downley school PTA + can give the schools T-shirt competition info to them so that they can liaise with the headteacher about it

SM – will e-mail this info to JM

Next meeting:  Tuesday 14th February 2017

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